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Fall 2015 Seminar and Refresher for Instructors:

Avalanche – Mountain Travel & Rescue – Nordic

Northfield, Massachusetts

September 19 & 20, 2015

As of August 31, the program is still being refined. Check back as the schedule develops. Low Angle Rescue
AMN15 Program

Friday, September 18

2:30 PM    Campsite opens at Barton Cove.

Saturday, September 19

      (All activities take place at Northfield Mountain Visitor Center, unless otherwise noted.)
7:30 AM    Registration, continental breakfast, 5 min compass exercise, question cards for supervisors
8:00 AM    Welcome, housekeeping, introductions, plan of the day
8:15 AM    MTR program updates (including the first annual Eastern Division MTR Challenge at Mt Greylock)
9:15 AM    10-Minute Break
9:25 AM    Avalanche program updates
10:25 AM    10-Minute Break
10:35 AM    Nordic program updates
11:45 AM    Lunch (provided)
12:45 PM    Organize and transition to outdoor events
1:00 PM    Refresher station rotations for Avalanche, Nordic, and Mountain Travel and Rescue
6:00 PM    Debrief and raffle
6:30 PM    Clean up Northfield event site and transition to campground for group cookout

Sunday, September 20

      Sunday activities are divided into 2 programs, full- and half-day.
7:30 AM    Strike camp at Barton Cove and return to Northfield Mountain Visitor Center for activities.
8:00 AM    MTR Enhancement Seminar #32642: Low Angle Rescue class for those pre-registered.
       Half-day Program follows up on the Saturday afternoon refresher stations (e.g., beacon searching, basic ropework, and navigation) by providing outdoors activities.
12:00 PM    Half-day program wraps up.
4:30 PM    Full-day Low-Angle Rescue MTR Enhancement Seminar wraps up.

For local information, contact Bill Schweikert at 413-423-3437 or wwschweik@yahoo.com

For information about program content, contact Jonathan Shefftz: NSPAMN@gmail.com